Gardening 301: How to Start and Sustain a School Garden (manual)

This course offers eight lessons on building support for school gardens among peers, educators, and administrators, including: making the case for school gardening programs, building a garden leadership team, garden planning and design, financially sustaining your gardening program, community partnerships, volunteers and joint use, curriculum and outdoor classroom management, before- and after-school garden clubs, and gardens in the wellness movement. This series will provide classroom education and opportunities for active discussion and brainstorming.

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Table of Contents

Welcome and Acknowledgements
Course Introduction: Sustainability as the Guiding Principle
Lesson 1: Making the Case for School Gardening Programs
Garden Highlight: Down to Earth Garden
Lesson 2: Building a Garden Leadership Team
Garden Highlight: Allen Elementary School
Lesson 3: Garden Planning and Design
Garden Highlight: VIP Village Preschool
Lesson 4: Financially Sustaining Your Gardening Program
Garden Highlight: The Gecko Garden
Lesson 5: Community Partnerships, Volunteers, and Joint Use
Garden Highlight: Albert Einstein Academies Charter School
Lesson 6: Curriculum and Outdoor Class Management
Garden Highlight: Solana Santa Fe School
Lesson 7: Before- and After-school Garden Clubs
Garden Highlight: Healthy Hawk Garden
Lesson 8: Gardens in the Wellness Movement
Garden Highlight: Alice Birney Elementary

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