Gardening 201: How to Start and Manage a Community Garden (manual)

This course offers six lessons on the fundamentals of community garden organizing and management, including: asset-based community development, finding and obtaining land, budgeting and fundraising, garden design and supplies, day to day operations, and how to be a good neighbor. This series will provide classroom education and opportunities for active discussion and planning.

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Table of Contents

Welcome & Acknowledgements
Course Introduction
Lesson 1: Asset-based Community Development and Early Organization
Community Resource Spotlight: Victory Gardens San Diego
Lesson 2: Finding and Obtaining Land
Community Resource Spotlight: San Diego Community Garden Network
Lesson 3: Budgeting and Fundraising
Community Spotlight: American Community Gardening Association
Lesson 4: Garden Design and Supplies
Lesson 5: Managing the Garden
Lesson 6: How to be a Good Neighbor

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