Gardening 101: How to Grow Your Own Food (manual)

This course offers eight lessons on the basics of gardening, including: organics and permaculture; garden siting and design; soil and composting; plants and botany; seeding and planting; irrigation; weeds, pests, and disease; and harvesting. This series will provide students with a mix of classroom education and hands-on garden experience.

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Table of Contents

Welcome and Acknowledgements
Lesson 1: Introduction and Basics of Organics and Permaculture
Lesson 2: Garden Siting and Design
Lesson 3: Soil and Composting
Lesson 4: Choosing Plants and Basic Botany
Lesson 5: Seeding and Planting
Lesson 6: Irrigation
Lesson 7: Weeds, Pests, and Disease
Lesson 8: Using Your Harvested Food

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