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Community Gardens in San Diego County

Most community gardens are grass-roots efforts created by neighborhoods or individuals who feel that their community is enhanced when neighbors come together to grow food. Other gardens are facilitated by the cities and towns in which they reside. Regardless, every community garden is a labor of love that bring folks together to create beauty and delicious food.

Most gardens in San Diego are full and there is a waiting list to get in. What this means is that there is a growing demand for more. If you're starting one and want to be added to this map, fill out the Community Garden Survey below. The list is maintained by the San Diego Community Garden Network and is updated periodically.

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Resources for Starting a Community Garden

San Diego Community Garden Network If you need help getting a community garden started, or for anything else community garden related, we recommend the fine folks at SDCGN for all things related to Community Gardens. Their mission is to:

"Help create, support and grow community gardens that enrich their neighborhoods by enhancing food security, promoting a sustainable environment and fostering community-based educational opportunities and community building.

"We focus on developing long-term partnerships to create community gardens that meet these goals through service-learning projects, workforce capacity building, and through intergenerational and multicultural outreach."

Manual: VGSD Gardening 201: How to Start and Maintain a Community Garden (download .pdf in English or Spanish)

San Diego County Master Gardeners Association Community gardens turn empty lots and open spaces into green areas for growing fresh produce and plants. Community gardens encourage understanding and awareness of the environment around us, while rewarding the gardeners with home grown fruits, vegetables and other crops. Most are comprised of manageable-sized garden plots that are joint projects created by members of the community and cared for by individuals. As such they also encourage opportunities for social gatherings, beautification, education and recreation.

City of San Diego Community Garden Ordinance (download .pdf file)

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Links to articles about Community Gardening

The Incredible, Edible Front Lawn, Earthview's campaign to plant visible public properties with food, Time, July 1, 2008

Community Gardens: Growing Food Brings People Together. Article from Common Dreams Newsletter on the nationwide resurgence of Community Gardens.

San Francisco Firm Harvests Potential of Unused Land, article from the San Francisco Chronicle about growing food in one's yard. SFGate, June 23, 2008.

Lettuce on the White House Lawn, editorial by Ellen Goodman about converting public spaces to food production, from the International Herald Tribune (New York Times), July 4, 2008.

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